How Much Do Tires Weigh?

If you have tried lifting a car tire before, you must have noticed that they are quite heavy. So, how much do tires weigh? Let’s dive into the details to answer this and any other questions. 

A car tire’s weight technically depends on the size and type. A smaller car tire will not weigh the same as a truck’s tire. The materials used and the quality of the tire will also determine the weight. A smaller tire may weigh around 15 pounds (6.8 kgs), while a larger one may weigh 80 pounds (36 kg) without considering other components such as rims. 

Before we jump into the details of how much individual tires weigh, let’s look at what contributes to a tire’s weight. 

Tire Casting- this is the body of the tire, which includes multiple components such as;

  • Sidewall- responsible for the tire’s weather resistance. 
  • Inner liner- acts as an air seal in the tire’s tube. 
  • Body ply- improves the robustness of the tire’s rubber. 
  • Bead- secures the tire to the wheel. 

Treads- these are the upper part of the tire containing two compounds; the tread base and tread cap. The former imparts durability to tire plies, while the latter is an abrasion-resistant compound that provides mileage and traction. 

tire weight

How much do Car tires weigh?

Passenger tires

Passenger cars come in a wide array, designed for a wide range of small cars to SUVs, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all in this category. The category covers tires with a diameter of between 13-20 inches. On average passenger, weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. The smaller the tire, the lighter it is. 

Weight also differs according to category. For instance, passenger winter cars, passenger touring tires, and passenger performance weigh differently.

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Truck tires

Truck tires also come in various sizes, just like passenger car tires. 

Light-duty truck tires

The category includes tires for pickups, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. These tires weigh about 35 pounds, with some weighing up to 80 pounds. 

Commercial truck tires

These tires have bigger rigs and weigh between 100 and 300 pounds. Commercial trucks require super robust tires as they move through various terrains. 

Monster Truck

These are among the heaviest trucks in the market built for heavy-duty applications. Monster truck tires can be anywhere between 66 inches high and 43 inches wide. The tires weigh between 600 and 900 pounds. 

Specialty Tires

There are other tires such as RV, tractor, ATV, trailer, and farm equipment tires found in the market. Tires in this category range between 60 and 250 pounds depending on the size, purpose, and type of tire. 

Motorcycle tires

These are some of the lightest tires. They weigh anywhere between 8 and 30 pounds, and the front tires are generally lighter than the rear tires. 


Car tires weigh differently depending on the type. The weight will depend on the vehicle’s size, application, and weight. Ensure you know the tire’s weight; if unsure, check the manufacturer’s website for the information.