Confidently Safe: A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Your Motorcycle Helmet

Step into the fast lane of helmet security with me as your trusted guide. Gone are the days of carefree parking – now, safeguarding your prized helmet has become an art. In a world where ‘borrowing’ helmets has become a persistent woe, fear not. I’ve got your back. Join me on a journey where I unveil foolproof ways to lock down your motorcycle helmet. From effortlessly easy solutions to worry-free riding, bid farewell to the era of lost helmets, and let’s gear up for a secure ride ahead.

How to Lock Your Motorcycle Helmet to Your Bike

1. Use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock

This is the number one safety mechanism that would be the first choice for every biker. A motorcycle helmet lock comprises a small lock and a wire cable that can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, using it is simple. You loop the cable from the lock to your helmet’s chin to your bike. This could be on the handlebars, passenger pegs, or even your seat if it’s removable.

helmet locking system with cable

These locks are usually small and easily portable; you can carry one without feeling the stress of its weight. It is beneficial for long-distance trips. In addition, motorcycle helmet locks are secure since the wire can’t be cut easily without the thief drawing attention to themselves.

You can quickly get a motorcycle helmet lock for $10 to $25.

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2. Use A Gunlock

I mean, why not! A gunlock should scream safety or a warning to stay away from your helmet. Gunlocks are not only secure, but they are also cheap and readily available. You can get one from gun shops or even Walmart for a few bucks. Not to mention family and friends always have a gunlock in their basement.

The downfall of using a gunlock as a safety option is that pistol locks tend to be short. If you own a full visor helmet, you wouldn’t have anywhere to secure your helmet other than the chin strap. It might be a problem as the chin strap could be easily cut.

Another disadvantage of its shortness is that it might scratch the paint off your bike and helmet if not secured correctly. To avoid this, you should make sure it’s secured on the handlebars or even the mirrors and that it’s firmly fixed.

3. Use A Bicycle Chain Lock

A bicycle chain lock is a low-cost way of locking your helmet onto your bike. It usually consists of a lock and wire chain or a metal u-shackle, and this design makes them pretty hard to take off. Bicycle chain locks are usually long, and you can easily find a place for your helmet on your motorcycle.

Because of the size and weight, a bicycle chain lock is not as portable as the first two options. This can be used for short distances as carrying it around can be cumbersome. You wouldn’t want to haul it for a long journey compared to a helmet lock that can fit under your seat and a gunlock on your belt. In addition, there are not as many convenient places to keep it unless you have a carrier bag.

4. Padlock

This is by far the most convenient option. You can quickly get a padlock and lock your helmet’s strap to your bike frame or handles. To avoid padlock jamming, go for a quality padlock that is water resistant just in case it rains.

5. Built-In Motorcycle Lock

Most bikes come with this lock as a stock. However, it might not be compatible with all helmets as the lock comes with a dual D-ring and a cloth strap. Using a built-in motorcycle lock should be the last option.

A built-in motorcycle lock poses a safety problem as it’s easy to cut. In addition, you’ll leave the helmet on the ground so that it can get wet or dirty. This type of lock is best for short, safe distances as it gives the illusion of safety. Having gone through how to lock your motorcycle helmet to your bike, let’s now cover how to lock a helmet to Harley.

How to Lock Helmet to Harley

As a Harley Davidson biker, your motorcycle helmet could cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why having the best lock to secure your helmet is vital. To this end, the best option is a motorcycle helmet lock. This lock installs fast and easily on the handlebar. Moreover, it’s one of the higher spots on a Harley just in case it rains and floods, and it’s more visible from a distance.

How to Use Helmet Lock on Honda Shadow

If you have a Honda shadow, there are several places you could lock your helmet. A good option would be a bolt lock. A bolt lock consists of a washer, strap, and keylock. To use it, locate a bolt that does not affect riding or the bike’s performance. This could be the bolt close to the ignition or one close to the seat or the fender.

Find the bolt, remove it and place the washer on the back and the wire strap on the front. Secure it with the bolt and tighten it. Now, loop the wire to your helmet and lock it with the lock and key. If you are cruising, the best place to secure your helmet is the rear of your seat, frame, or fender. Secure the bolt lock first, then secure your helmet to the strap and the bike frame, and you are good to go.

Where to Attach a Motorcycle Helmet Lock

These options are ideal when choosing the best location to store your motorcycle helmet.


You can connect the lock to the handlebars and ensure that the lock cannot be slid off. The center makes the most sense in this case.

The Seat

If your bike’s seat is removable, you can detach it, install the lock and use it to secure the helmet. You can leave your helmet on the seat whenever you park the bike.


The pegs are a common location for storing a helmet. You can place the helmet, attach a lock and leave it there. Thanks to adding a lock, it won’t be easy to kick off.

The Mirror

Like the passenger pegs, it’s easy to lock a helmet to the mirror. A lock can go through the helmet and the handlebar while the helmet rests on the mirror.

Conclusion – How to Lock Your Motorcycle Helmet to Your Bike

There are several ways to secure your helmet, depending on your preference. A gun holder, bike lock, padlock, and built-in helmet lock are some of the easiest and most accessible options. Nonetheless, you could also choose safer, durable options like a bolt lock or helmet lock. Whatever lock you choose, any lock is better than no lock.  and that is for how to lock your motorcycle helmet to your bike.