How to Program a Ford Key Fob

So, you’ve finally got hold of a spare Ford key fob but don’t know how to program it. Well, you are in the right place. This article will provide a definitive guide to program a key fob and a Ford intelligent access key. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a key fob?

While we currently identify a fob with car keys, the initial meaning of fob was a small pocket where people would store valuables. By the early 1900s, it was mainly used to store pocket watches and other ornaments.

Fast forward to the 1980s, car manufacturers introduced the remote keyless entry system and the name key fob was coined. Car owners also refer to it as a car starter, key thing, starter, alarm, and other phrases.

How do you program a Ford key fob?

To program this key fob, follow the following steps:

Programming the new key

  • Ensure that all car doors are closed. After this, open the driver’s door by pressing the unlock button on the door.
  • For best results, ensure you have the two Ford keys and the key you want to program. You can get the second key from a local dealership while the third key, you can buy it from sites such as eBay. However, ensure to involve a blacksmith to cut the key before programming.
  • Now that you have all that is required, let’s move to the next step.
  • You’ll have a window of five seconds between inserting the first key and the second key.
  • So, insert the first key and put it in ignition mode, once you hear a sound, draw it out and insert the second key. Remember you have five seconds.
  • After you insert the second key and hear a sound, remove it and insert the key you want to program. Here, you have a 10-second gap.
  • If it produces a sound, it is an indication that the key is programmed. However, we’ve not programmed the key fob yet. So, on to the next step.

Programming the key fob

  • To program the key fob, you’ll need to put the new key in program mode.
  • To do this, take one of the two initial keys.
  • Turn it eight times in the ON position in a 10 seconds window.
  • On the eighth turn, you’ll notice that the doors will lock which is an indication you are in program mode.
  • Now, press the lock button on all three keys.
  • Remove the key from the ignition switch.
  • The door will lock indicating you are out of program mode.
  • Now, insert the key you want to be programmed. You’ll notice the car will start. Besides, you’ll be able to use the key fob to open and close your Ford car.

That is how you can easily program a Ford key fob.

How can you program a Ford intelligent access key?

If you own a Ford intelligent key, then follow these steps. Note: you’ll need to have two intelligent access keys and a spare one. You can get the spare key from Amazon and other online sites. Also, if you only have one working intelligent key, you’ll have to buy the second one from a dealer.

Now, let’s get into it!

  • Place the spare/new intelligent key inside the center console pocket which is underneath the cigarette lighter.
  • Your two programmed keys should be inside the car.
  • Now, hit the unlock button on the driver’s or passenger’s door three times.
  • Hit the brake paddle once.
  • Proceed to hit the unlock button thrice.
  • After this, hit the brake paddle once again.
  • Then, push the start button once. You’ll see a message on the message center indicating the key is programmed.
  • Remove the spare intelligent key after five seconds.
  • Hit the lock button of the new key to test whether it is working. If it is, then you have yourself a spare Ford intelligent key.

Why program a Ford key fob?

You can unlock your car without insert keys in the door

A key fob allows you to lock and unlock the car without the need to open it with the keys. This also allows you to open the car from a far off position. Another awesome benefit of having a key fob is that modern models allow you to start the car remotely. All you’ll do is hoping the car and drive without a fuss.

Allows you to unlock doors simultaneously

Gone are the days where the driver would have to enter the car first and open all other doors. With a Ford key fob, you can open all doors at once. This is especially convenient if you are ferrying friends or a group of people.

Unlocks the door faster

It enables you to quickly unlock the door and get moving. Muggers and robbers target car owners who have to reach to their pocket or purse to look for keys. But with a key fob that not only allows you to open the door remotely but also start the car remotely, the muggers will have no chance.

Bolsters surrounding awareness

When you press the unlock button, the headlights will come on allowing you to view the surrounding, especially if you have parked in a dark alley.

Helps you locate your car

Ever attended events where there are hundreds of cars? It can be daunting to easily locate your car. But with a programmable key fob, any time you unlock and lock your car, you are a step closer to identifying your car.

What is the cost of replacing a key fob?

To replace a key fob, you’ll need to shell anywhere from $50 depending on the model of your car. As expected, new models will fetch a higher price up to an excess of $400.

Wrap up!

As you can see, programming a Ford key fob is easy. All you have to ensure is that you have all the necessary keys and a spare one. And when it comes to Ford intelligent access key, ensure you have two programmable keys and a new one.