Why Are Hummers So Expensive?

It’s been 12 years since the last Hummer rolled off the manufacturing floor. However, they still hold value compared to other cars made in the same years. Some, like a well-kept 2006 H1 Alpha, sell for as much as $200,000.

So, do you wonder how these behemoth cars cost so much? Here’s our take on why Hummers are so expensive.

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Reasons Why Hummers Are So Expensive

Various factors influence the prices of Hummers. These are some of the things that drive up the cost of Hummers.

Hummer Enthusiasts

Hummers have a devoted following and are perhaps the main reason why Hummers are so expensive. Most people who own a Hummer have some emotional attachment to the car and how it came to market.

It’s a militarized vehicle with roots from the Humvee used in the Gulf war, then made road legal.For this reason, it makes an excellent off-road vehicle that would transverse any terrain. All thanks to its wide body and relatively high ground clearance.

Supports a Macho Personality

Other Hummer devotees equal owning a Hummer to a steroidal sport utility vehicle for macho personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold is reportedly the inspiration for American Motors (AM) making a civilian version of the Humvee. The Terminator actor convinced AM to create a civilian look alike which AM named the Hummer H1.

To this end, the Hummer is a mark of pride for anyone who loves Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bodybuilder, action film star, and later turned governor.

Unavailability of Parts

A rarity of parts was due to happen since the production of Hummers stopped back in 2010. The recession and the high gas prices couldn’t support Hummers’ manufacturing. GM barely made any profits as it was an expensive vehicle to build.

GM also stopped the production of parts. For this reason, Hummer parts are costly and rare. The rarity of the parts drives up Hummer prices since a well-kept Hummer is expensive.

Limited Production

Hummers were supposed to be for the elite with money that wanted an off-road vehicle. Celebrities couldn’t stop themselves, from Britney Spears to LeBron James and even David Beckham.

GM didn’t make many of these vehicles. For example, only 11,818 Hummer H1s were ever made. Thus, you would look distinguished if you were seen on the road in a limited-edition vehicle. Limited production is, hence, another reason why Hummers are very expensive.

Highest Resale for Used Vehicles

Hummers were icons in their time, and even now, that’s why they maintain a high resale value for used cars. Although an American dinosaur, the Hummer finds salvation in its brashness. They are incredibly durable, have powerful engines, and can ford waist-deep waters. Classic car owners see them as creative pieces.

Married with the fact that they are associated with rich and influential people, the Hummers can be very expensive.

You could find a well-kept 2010 Hummer H3 going for $50,000, while its MRP back in 2010 was slightly under $34,000. With some customization, owners make good money reselling them.

High Maintenance Costs

Apart from the high price tag, Hummers are expensive to maintain. Not to mention the myriad of issues associated with specific models. They also guzzle gas due to their weight – not great, with gas prices climbing.

The H1 and H2 models have manufacturing problems ranging from engine cracks, failed gas caps, and malfunctioning sensors. These issues are not usually cheap to fix. If you find a Hummer that’s well-maintained, it will be very expensive.

Final Thoughts – Why Are Hummers So Expensive?

Hummers have proven to be a gem in this world. Having transitioned from military to civilian users makes any patriot want to jump into the action and get one. Though unreliable, any macho person would wish to at least to drive or be driven in one. This is why they will continue to rise in preference and price.